Contributed by: Rhoda, ____ , holistic health advocate

Food is an important aspect of your health and also your mood

A few things you should know:

  • Food is known as “Gu Qi” in Traditional Chinese Medicine (it’s my favorite type of “Qi” lol because I love food and it’s an awesome name... even though we don’t vibe with Gucci any more) 

  • Food affects your mood.

  • Your mood affects how your food is interpreted by your body.


  • Don’t eat when angry or sad 

  • Don’t eat and work/study

  • Do smell, touch, and slow down to taste your food

  • Do allow yourself time to give respect to the animal that is on your plate, the humans who have picked/packaged your food and whoever has prepared it

try these tips for the next week 


try this tea for good “gu qi” and overall stress relief 

Chamomile tea with honey recipe 

1. steep dried camomile or chrysanthemums in hot water for about 7-10min 

2. strain

3. pour into cup 

4. add desired amount of honey