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+ 1/28/19 Support Group Recap



(1/29/19 Message from Sukii, Founder & President)

WE DID IT ! We hosted our very first support group & it was nothing short of magical! We’ll be back soon with lots more to unpack from this experience but for now we just want to say THANK YOU!

Thank you to the beautiful people (a few picture here) that came to heal with us & share stories. Thank you to those that came to heal with us and didn’t share any stories! Love & energy can never be denied & your presence alone in the group is SO VERY SPECIAL. Side note: Miami played jokes on us last night with 50degree weather so please know your attendance in that outdoor Garden was EXTREMELY APPRECIATED!

Thank you to our friends at Naomi’s Garden for their generosity & providing this sacred place in our community for authentic food & beautiful earthy vibes!

HUGE THANK YOU to Amor, Dele, Rohan & Sukii for leading the January group with your personal insight & responsible contribution.

It is our mission to provide balanced safe, loving, nurturing, educational & responsible spaces that provide the most benefit to our community & those in need. We are humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude for this exciting start & foundation!

Some of the #teamqimo gang from January’s group via IG:  @projectqimo

Some of the #teamqimo gang from January’s group via IG: @projectqimo

At our very first support group we not only celebrated the official launch of The Project Qimo Foundation but also the 5 year anniversary of Mama Chi’s transition into eternal light <3 It is important for us as an organization to hold space and give respect to our loved ones and the moments that we’ve experienced that brought us to this very place… in need of healing.

Our guest speaker of the night, Public Health Advocate Ayodele Gomih, really set us straight with the much needed facts. We are currently working on creating a little #TeamQimo booklet that will explore facts, statistics, research references & local resources that can be used for those affected directly and indirectly by cancer in our communities.

Some of the topics Dele covered during January’s group:

  • In the U.S. an estimated nearly 2 million cases of cancer will be diagnosed every year

  • Overall, about 1 in 2 black men and 1 in 3 black women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. The lifetime probability of dying from cancer is about 1 in 4 for black men and 1 in 5 for black women.

  • Cancer from a preventive standpoint

  • General burden of cancer

  • Cancer disparity

With Dele’s insight & some additional contributions from Rhoda (our Holistic Health Advocate and Acupuncturist in training) our booklet, support groups and public events will further explore these topics:

  • Susceptibility / Risk Factors

  • What self-care looks like

  • Speaking up for yourself and/or for loved ones

  • Diet + healthy lifestyle impact

  • Resources, early screening + treatment options

  • U.S. facts vs. Local facts

  • More!

Last but definitely not least, our Support Groups are facilitated by Amor Capdevila, Energy Healer & Reiki Practitioner who just so happens to be a close family friend and an amazing human being all around. We are so blessed to have her love with us as we learn to move through such important discussions rooted in unconditional love and support of one another!

Next month we will dive into exactly what Amor provides for our space and how unconditional love is at the core of our mission.

As always we appreciate your presence.

Stay tuned via our newsletter & social media channels as we focus on collectively #healingthefeeling <3 

Contributed by: Sukii