Sukii Founder & President - image courtesy of Miami Girl Magazine


Seeks to serve as a medium to reach people affected directly and indirectly by cancer. It is our mission to aid persons and provide alternative healing practices otherwise not ventured. 

"Qimo" noun pronounced /CHē-Mōh/ = Positive energy therapy for those affected by cancer.

Why Qi-Mo-Therapy? 

Qi (Chi) is a verb derived from traditional Chinese medicine, meaning vital energy. This can be as tangible as water in a lake or as non-tangible as sound waves. Qi is a full range spectrum between materialism and idealism, a state of continuity, birth to death. As defined by Giovanni Maciocia “Qi is an energy which manifests simultaneously on the physical and emotional-mental-spiritual level”. Qi is life!

The idea Qimo is dedicated to Michelle Lyn affectionately known as "Chi" - a mother of three who passed away from an aggressive stage 4 cancer in January 2014. At the time she had been undergoing an intense chemotherapy and decided not to become attached to the idea of "poison" treatment but rather focus on the beauty in her life and all the positive energy she was surrounded by. This made a huge difference in the way in which she was able to cope with the pain. It became her own form of treatment. Together with the help of her children, they sold beaded bracelets spreading awareness that cancer therapy should not stop at traditional medicine practices. It encouraged the idea that one of our greatest opportunities for healing and coping with pain lies within the mind, along with the constant energy we surround ourselves with. 

Today the foundation stays true to its origin. Project Qimo will explore the ways in which we all have power to heal through alternative & integrative forms of therapy. Providing different avenues of meditative, spiritual and positive energy therapies not readily available through ‘modern’ medicine treatments.

The foundation will incorporate as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization looking to provide a platform to not only support others that share similar experiences but to create a community of individuals all working to contribute positive healing spaces and practices. Project Qimo has the ultimate mission of creating space where loved ones affected by cancer feel supported and uplifted. 

How do we achieve this mission?

* Monthly support groups
* Holistic events to build morale
* Gifting fun and memorable family experiences
* Highlighting personal stories
* Support merchandise
* Weekly personal check in & self-love/self-care tips

With your support we are able to provide individuals with positive energy and renewed strength to fight their illnesses, bringing families closer together and uniting entire communities. Together we can change the lives of our loved ones in their greatest time of need.